It’s not about pace, it’s about fun

I’ve discovered something on my last couple of runs. The less pressure I put on myself run a certain speed or finish in a certain time the better the run is. Saturday I ran about 15 miles. No pressure to finish in a certain time because I started super early and no pressure to run a certain pace. I just ran and listened to some podcast on my phone. I seem to like listening to podcast on my long runs lately. Maybe because it’s similar to running with someone… It was a pretty awesome run!

This morning I did the same thing. I just ran. I didn’t pay any attention to pace. I let my body decide what it wanted to do. It was awesome and I ended up averaging 8:57 per mile. Really awesome! I ran into my Team in Training mentor from my first event and her husband while shopping Sunday. They both said how glad they were that I was sticking with it (while also trying to talk me into triathlons. Lots of people have been trying to talk me into them….). My reply was that it’s a lot easier to enjoy running when you’re in good shape.  But it’s more than that. All you have to do is listen. Listen to what your body is saying while you’re running. You can have fun no mater what pace you’re going. I have many friends who prove this over and over again. I’m starting to get excited about my race in February. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing and just enjoy the run. Who knows what will happen. That’s the exciting part. I’m actually looking forward to running 18 miles this weekend. I know I can do it. I’ve run further than that many times. And I’m going to have fun! Yeah, lots of fun, and listen to a several podcasts too 🙂

Cleaning out the old

I’ve gotten some new stuff for Christmas. My mom got me some awesome new slippers (it’s the little things that make a difference when you run long distances) that the dogs are very interested in (they think my new slippers could be a stuffie), and I splurgered on a pretty dress from Anthropologie with my Christmas money. Oh, and I went shoe shopping today :). Which brings me to this evenings cleaning. I needed to find space for my new shoes, which got me to thinking about cleaning up the dresser and closet. I need more room for all of my running gear. It’s multiplied greatly over the past couple of years. I have tons of old t-shirts that I don’t wear that have some fond memories attached to them. Maybe I just need to find somewhere to store them. I don’t think I’ll ever wear them again. They are rather big now. It’s hard to take them out. I keep thinking I might need some of these things again, but most of the clothes I’m thinking about taking out are too big.

Does anyone else have this problem? or is this just another weird thing about me?

Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! one of my favorite things this time of year is to drive around to see all of the Christmas lights people have put up. Since I started playing for Christmas Eve services that’s gotten more and more difficult (my family use to drive around after dinner Christmas Eve before church). So, I was super excited that people have been leaving lights on over night so that I get to see them while I’m out running. So, my trusty iPhone and I had a little fun on my 4 mile run this morning 🙂


View from the porch

This house decorates there mailbox for every holiday. It makes me laugh 🙂

close up

I liked the blow up snow globe

The dogs are never really sure what to do with this one. Are they fake, are they real animals? We’re so confused 🙂