One day a music teacher came to my elementary school and brought a bunch of instruments to show my class. “Who wants to play the violin?” she asked. My hand shot up like lightening. Fast forward 23 years and I’m still playing the violin after two music degrees. There is nothing I love more than performing wonderful music for people to enjoy. Life on the road as a freelance violinist can be crazy, fast paced, and exciting. I get to meet lots of wonderful people, and play fabulous music. I’m also a private violin teacher, which makes life exciting. An arm injury in high school almost sidelined my hopes of being a musician. It turns out that I wasn’t getting the right instruction from my teacher. After years of being passed along by teachers who were too frustrated to deal with me I decided to start taking teacher education classes, and ended up getting my Master. I’ve learned and relearned to play the violin in hopes of helping to keep students from the fate. Plus you never know what might happen in 30 minutes with a child. It’s a lot of fun! My life can be kind of crazy, and rather funny.

After moving back to my hometown of Atlanta after graduate school I’ve found another love. A love of running. After training for my first 10k in 2007 I literally took off and have never looked back. Maybe it’s my crazy musician personality, but I even tried a marathon, and now I can’t seem to stop (I’m now training for marathon #6). After loosing a family member to cancer I finally signed up to run with Team in Training in 2008. It’s a wonderful organization that helps everyday people like me train for endurance events while raising money to support patient needs and cancer research. They are part of my family now, and thankfully, just as crazy as I am :-).

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