Puppy playtime

Hi momma!!

We got to puppy playtime early & I got extra play time! I ended up in the mid sized play pin and ruled the roost. (I tired the big kid pin, but I kept getting stuck at the bottom of the pile) I may have been called a bully a few times, but Jill gave Bonnie lots of good training tips for us to work on, and some fun games to set up for me on the days she goes to work.


Her work party got canceled, so instead of cleaning I’m hanging in the sunshine on the porch for a bit. I’m too tired to eat, but watching the birds is so fun! I wonder if I can catch one…



Letter from Home – shots


I got shots today!! 😦

I didn’t like them at all. Plus I got carsick on the way to and from the vet. This growing up thing is rough!

I was kind of mean to Bonnie today. I wanted to stay outside and play, but it started raining. So, since she wasn’t paying attention to me on her conference call I tried to yank out a good chunk of her hair.

I miss you! I may have nibbled on your clothes some…

P.S – I weigh 8.5 pounds now!

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Letter from Home

Mom has been missing our 14 week old puppy while on vacation, so Sadie sent her a note from home.


Hi Mom,

Bonnie only stayed at work till 3pm today, which made me very happy! Then she took me for a walk to the park and I practiced my stairs and gymnastic skills before I chased some squirrels. Then I got ice cubes when we got home!

I had lots of fun, and then I started chewing on Bonnie. She took some pictures for you.