I have the week off from teaching violin lessons. So, the anal retentive, organized person that I am decided to clean. And by clean, I mean purge. One of the big problems is the over-flowing drawer of dri-fit running clothes for running. I haven’t been able to open the drawer for days.

This small portion of what is in the drawer gives you an idea of the problem. Why wouldn’t the drawer open? There was so much in the drawer that the bottom of the drawer was falling out…

So, what does one do with old dri-fit running gear that you don’t wear anyone? Can you donate it? Recycle? Or just throw it out? These are the burning questions running through my head. Because clearly I have too much! I do love shirts from my races, but many of them are mens sizes, or in the case of my Georgia Marathon/half marathon shirts they don’t fit over my head or have weird sleeves that are like wings. I really only wear a small portion of what I have… And after last summer’s sweat fest I really do need to replace some things.

What’s a girl to do?

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Cleaning out the old

I’ve gotten some new stuff for Christmas. My mom got me some awesome new slippers (it’s the little things that make a difference when you run long distances) that the dogs are very interested in (they think my new slippers could be a stuffie), and I splurgered on a pretty dress from Anthropologie with my Christmas money. Oh, and I went shoe shopping today :). Which brings me to this evenings cleaning. I needed to find space for my new shoes, which got me to thinking about cleaning up the dresser and closet. I need more room for all of my running gear. It’s multiplied greatly over the past couple of years. I have tons of old t-shirts that I don’t wear that have some fond memories attached to them. Maybe I just need to find somewhere to store them. I don’t think I’ll ever wear them again. They are rather big now. It’s hard to take them out. I keep thinking I might need some of these things again, but most of the clothes I’m thinking about taking out are too big.

Does anyone else have this problem? or is this just another weird thing about me?