A better perspective

A week after the Nike Women’s Marathon and I have a better perspective on things. I lost sight of things in my disappointment from the race. It’s too easy to dwell on the negative, something I’ve done a little too much lately. Some good things:

1. I surpassed my fundraising goal and raised over $3064 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Add that to my 600 miles of training that’s over $5 for every mile I ran while training or $117 for every mile of the race
2. The 4000 Team in Training participants raised $14 million just for this one race! Roughly $500,000 for every mile we ran
3. Two of my honored heroes are officially in remission!
4. I can run anytime I want for as far as I want. Many people can’t say that. Many people are struggling to fight a disease that still has no cure. (one of my favorite signs on the course said “I run because I can”)
5. I had a totally awesome weekend with some fabulous people who I can’t wait to see again and even run with again! (some of us are doing a 1/2 marathon in a couple of weeks)
Did things fall apart at the end? yes, but it shouldn’t define the experience. As one of my very smart friends said I finished, raised a bunch of money for LLS, and am better for it. Sometimes I feel like I dwell on the negative too much. It definitely happened on the back side of Lake Merced. I never questioned that I would finish. Mostly I was disappointed that my body would not do what I asked of it. I really want to do another full marathon, but am having trouble finding one close by that works with my schedule. I’m thinking sometime in the spring, but work already rules one out that I originally wanted to do (I’ll probably still do the half).
official chip time 5:00:33 (that’s me right in the middle)


Germs, germs go away, don’t come back another day! Seriously!! I feel like I have had the “crud” for weeks now. I feel like I have a cold, then feel better, so I start running again, and wham! Back to feeling lousy again. It’s making practicing difficult too because I’m tired and my ears are stopped up.

Not much new going on at the moment. I signed up for my next race on Thanksgiving day last week. A bunch of us from Team in Training are running, which is going to be a blast! I spent most of the week trying to find an official finishing photo from the Nike Women’s Marathon. I’m pretty disappointed in the official photographers. Most of my friends have great photos of them running up to the finish line. Me? Nothing!!! I was blocked in every photo I found. Next time I’m bringing my own camera! I have to call to add some photos to my album before I can buy it, so hopefully I’ll have a few more pictures from the race soon!