Zip. Zero. Nada. None

That’s what my 2014 racing schedule currently looks like, and I have to say it feels kind of awesome! I took a week off of running to try to get over the germs I just can’t seem to shake. It was a week to attempt to relax, and catch up on sleep. I kept thinking of ideas as people kept asking what was next. And while I liked the list my heart was really in it. Really the list just kept stressing me out. It meant jumping back into training. It isn’t that I dislike training, but I’m just tired of training. All I ever do is jump from one training cycle to the next. All I had was a list of races and no desire to run. So, I made a quick call to my coach, and told him how I really felt.

So, out went the list. It was freeing. It made me happy. I started talking to a co-worker about some places i wanted to check out, and I started getting excited. I started running for me 7 1/2 years ago. It was supposed to be a way to get healthy, and de-stress not something to cause stress. Something needed to change. I get to take a month or so and just see what I feel like. I don’t know what I want to race, and the be completely honest it’s hard to think past July anyway. I want to do things like run on Saturday’s maybe even with friends if my work schedule lets me. I want to explore some trails and just have some fun without worrying about pace or how long I’m running. I want an off-season!

So, no races for the foreseeable future. It’s a pretty awesome plan so far 🙂