Friday Fun – favorites

Hey, it’s Friday! It’s the day of non-stop practicing, and Pilates. So, for a little fun here are a few things I love right now:

1. French Broad Chocolates!! Located in Asheville, NC these guys know how to make really yummy chocolates! A friend picked up a few gluten/dairy free treats for me the last time she was up there. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to see an empty box before. They just melt in your mouth, and your halfway through a box before you know it. I’m also pretty sure they have magic powers for running too. No really, magic powers. 🙂 Maybe I should make sure to have some the week before my marathon…

2. Picky Bars. These are my pre-long run obsession. Like, have them auto delivered to my house every month obsession (I’m a proud card-carrying member of the picky club). Oh, heck, who am I kidding. I eat them all of the time. Sometimes I want to eat more than one in a day, but so far I’ve been really good. The brain child of elite runner Lauren Fleshman they are “freaking science dude.” All of the bars are gluten & dairy free (ah, rice protein powder you are my friend!), and you can even get a nut free bar as well. It happens to be my favorite.

3. Acure ultra-hydrating body lotion. So, not only do I have food allergies, but I have really sensitive skin. Like don’t touch me with a drop of alcohol or it might burn my skin, or make me break out in hives kind of skin. Seriously, I should just live in a bubble. For years I’ve had to shell out the big bucks to find body lotions with no alcohol. Even naturally derived plant-based alcohol drives my skin nuts. So, one day I was in Whole Foods, and found Acure. It’s all natural, fair trade, alcohol-free, and only $10. Be still my heart! I’ve been using it for a week, and love it. It’s nice and light, and not a bit greasy. I’m also obsessed with their argan oil, but that’s a whole different story.

4. Cardamom Hill. My friend Beth and I like to lunch. Yes, we are southern, therefore we are ladies who lunch. This month we mixed it up a bit, and tried a restaurant that I had been dying to try, especially after they announced they would be making their fried chicken gluten-free. Must. Go. Now! The food is not only beautiful to look at, but absolutely delicious. For lunch they do these wonderful “boxes” that have a salad, curry soup, tomato rice, and your choice of vegetable, meat, or fried chicken. And this isn’t your mama’s fried chicken either. This is Indian fried chicken! I would eat lunch there every day, but I would either need to win the lottery or run many more miles.