@twtrsymphony – Brids of Paradise

It’s been a little bit since the first movement The Hawk Goes Hunting came out, but we’re all excited again because the second movement of Chip’s 2nd Symphony Birds of Paradise is out. It takes us a little while to get all of the individual recording sorted out, and aligned when you don’t record all together. :)You can click on over to InstantEncore to download it, and use the code TwtrParadise for a free copy.

TwtrSymphony is a new concept in the symphony orchestra –a group of musicians who create their unique sound through remote recording sessions. Each musician is given their part and a click track. They record it on their own time leaving them free to take on other music related projects.

When each musician is done with their recording they send it to our sound engineer who puts the tracks together to create a full orchestra sound, without having the expense of a hall.

The music we’re performing is also unique –limited to 140 seconds per track. Each track is the pure essence of the music, with no time for long drawn-out developments often associated with classical music. Our composer, Chip Michael has trimmed off the excess to capture the bare nugget of each piece.

Chip Michael goes a step further taking the idea of a beat into new territory. Instead of considering a beat a constant, the music shifts the meter where a beat might be five eighth notes in length, followed by a beat with only four eighth notes. The eighth notes progress by too quickly to count giving the music as sense of energy, propelling it forward, while the irregular length of beats provides the feeling of ever shifting rhythms.

Part of what makes Twitter unique is the terse conversations that take place. It isn’t a place where long, drawn out diatribes are posted. Rather, Twitter is communication boiled down to the essentials. Conversations happen, but they tend to be quick exchanges of ideas and concepts. TwtrSymphony captures that with short pieces filled with energy and intensity.