I love Lysol!!

Apparently spraying the house down with lysol really helped!! Now if I could just get my Dad to cover his mouth when he coughs… I have an overwhelming desire to run after him with the can of Lysol and spray after every cough. That’s probably not a good thing to do right?

Between the Lysol, vitamins, and wheat grass (I ordered a whole container from Amazing Grass. I can’t wait until it gets here!!) I feel pretty darn amazing this morning, so I went for a run in 33 degrees this morning. Brr! It was a little hard to get out of bed, but it felt amazing while I was running. As usual after recovering from germs I wasn’t trying to do a tempo run. I just wanted to go on a nice comfortably paced run. HA!!! You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. So, here’s tempo Tuesday:

Total Distance: 4.08 miles
Total Time: 36:34
Average Pace: 8:57
Mile 1: 8:13
Mile 2: 8:13
Mile 3: 8:13
Mile 4: 7:03 (got to love downhills!)

I saw on Twitter this morning that Bobby Bowden is suppose to announce his retirement today (I’m an FSU alum). I remember watching them win our last national championship while I was there. Is this a good thing? Fingers crossed!

Time for some yoga for runners!

Amazing Notes and Tempo Tuesday

Several of my violin students played on a recital Sunday, and they all did really well! They didn’t all feel that way. I’ve noticed a trend with several of my students. They tend to dwell on what’s wrong rather than what they did really well. I thought one of them was going to break out in tears after she played Sunday. She didn’t think about the wonderful sound coming out of her violin, or the fact that she got up in front of people to play, or that she completed the whole song from memory. She didn’t see how proud everyone was. All she remembered were the mistakes. I have another student who gets upset when things aren’t perfect, which actually reminds me of myself when I was her age. So, I decided that they need a little reminder that they are very good little violinist, so I got out some paper and markers and started working on a little something for their violin case. (I have a few more to make today)

I have something similar in my violin case, but I didn’t move it over to the violin I’m borrowing from my teacher. I think part of it was because I wasn’t sure I liked the violin at first, and thought about giving it back after my auditions. Well, that’s not happening :). So today I’m moving my wonderful notes over to the borrowed violin. We all need a little reminder sometimes!

Tempo Tuesday is back on Tuesday! Honestly I hadn’t really planned on doing a tempo run this morning since my hip and knee have been a little sore. So, I started out with the idea that I was just going to run at whatever pace my body wanted to go. It would just be a fun run. Of course I stepped outside to sprinkles. What is going on with all of the rain on Tuesdays? Of course now that I’m done running it is no longer sprinkling. Go figure. Turns out I had another awesome run!

Total distance: 4.04 miles
Total Time: 35:32
Average Pace: 8:47 per mile
Mile 1: 8:13
Mile 2: 8:13
Mile 3: 8:13
Mile 4: 7:04

I’m taking a little break from whittle my middle. I think it’s part of the reason my hip and lower back are bothering me. So, it’s back to 3 days a week of abs instead of 5 days.

Tempo Tuesday on a Monday?

It’s back!! I’m so happy that I can run again!! And to celebrate and start getting ready for my next race in 2 1/2 weeks I thought I would try a tempo run and just see how things went, no expectations. Weather.com has a 100% of rain for Atlanta tomorrow, and seeing as I’m just finally getting over a 2 week cold I thought it would be better to run today and take tomorrow off. I would have been happy with 10:00 or 9:30 a mile. I was most pleasantly surprised to discover that my average pace was 8:54! Now that doesn’t include a couple of breaks I had to take after some of the hills on my route, so it probably comes out to be 9:00 a mile, which is right where I was before the marathon!! It felt sooooo good despite being a little sore from yoga yesterday (it’s so nice to be sore again!! 😉 ). And since the weather was that weird 50 degree in between temperature I tired out my new Nike arm warmers. They rock!! I picked up a pair at the Big Peach (I love the Big Peach) since they are sold out on the Nike website. They were a little tricky to get off since I had my iphone strapped on over them, but they worked so well. I can’t wait to use them again!

Total Mileage: 4.00 miles
Total Time: 35:39
Average Pace: 8:54 per mile
Mile 1: 8:13
Mile 2: 8:13
Mile 3: 8:13
Mile 4: 7:03 (downhills are awesome!)
Now it’s time to get practicing and enjoy more chocolate amazing grass superfood! (I just opened a new container yesterday and I felt so good afterwards, which made me put this container straight into the fridge this time!).