Tapering is usually no big deal for me. Why should there be a big deal about running less, and your brain having more time to think about what’s coming. Usually I just bounce off the walls with excitement. Apparently this taper has decided to be different. In a span of 24 hours I’ve gone from running mile repeats, to barely being able to walk, not being able to walk (mom found a pair of crutches for me to use), sobbing uncontrollably, limping, sort of walking, walking, and now walking with no pain. The thoughts that run through your head after 5 months of training with all of this going on are no fun! No fun at all!!!!! Bad taper brain, bad! I found this on pinterest this Sunday afternoon. I’m making it my motto for the week!

Thanks to the chiropractor there’s a lot of hope going now!

Race week

It’s race week. holy crap, holy crap, holy crap keeps running through my head. Not the most helpful running commentary to have going on in my head right now. Running 3 miles didn’t really do much for me. It just wasn’t quite enough, but I’m sticking to the schedule.

  • Monday morning I ran in my Mizunos just to make sure I was going to be happy about the shoe choice I’ve made for the race. They felt heavy, clunky, and my feet were not very happy. I was ready to take them off before I had even finished a mile. All signs point to running in my Newtons for the race to be the right decision, and I’m excited about it. I’m not excited about running in my Mizunos. At least one question has been answered!
  • I was looking back over my Dailymile training log on Sunday to discover that I’ve covered over 800 miles running and biking while training for Chicago. Am I ready? yes! Do I feel ready? umm…
  • I’m making a list, and checking it at least twice! Ask my sister or good friends you’ll find out I have a tendency to forget things. Sometimes important things! So, I’ve pulled out my trusty Team in Training packing list and added a ton of things to it. I will not forget anything, I will not forget anything!
  • Our Team in Training coach asked for our goal times. Writing it down freaked me out a bit. Ah, taper, stop messing with my head. I seriously need to get over this!
  • I find it really funny that our hotel is on Wacker Drive in Chicago. In case you’re wondering it’s right on the river. Hmmm, wonder what was going on when they named this street… 🙂

Fortunately I have a lot of things to focus on.I have a tons of things to practice and a new student to teach a trial lesson for. I hope I’m not totally out of it for the trial lesson. Focusing on normal stuff is not my strong suit on race week.

The great shoe dilema

Mizunos or Newtons? Newtons or Mizunos? This is a question that has been running through my brain almost around the clock since my last 20 mile run. My head has said run in the Mizunos for Chicago. You ran all of your long runs in them. So what if they are approaching old age. You’ll be fine! My ankles, and knees have said run in the Newtons, and by the way, get some new orthotics! So, I decided to listen to the ankles. They after all, will bear the brunt of 26.2 miles in 13 days. I got new orthotics a size smaller so that they would fit better in my Newtons (which run a little small), and decided to finally get the metatarsal support too. Holy awesomeness Batman! I tried them in my Newtons Friday afternoon and walked around a bit, and then ran my part of the Ekiden relay in them Sunday. No knee, or ankle soreness! Hmmm, can I run a marathon in shoes that have only gone 10 miles as their longest run? I’ve been running twice a week in them for a couple of months. They are definitely broken in, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear them, which makes me kind of excited. This is the first time that I’m thinking about running a race in shoes that I haven’t done my long runs in. That makes me a little nervous, but I feel like I run better in the Newtons than the Mizunos. I really do think the Newtons are going to win, but something tells me the conversation in my head isn’t over. That’s the fun part of the taper right? So ready to be done tapering!

Now if I could feel like I’m not coming done with something… Oh taper, you drive me batty!