Base building – not just for running

It’s a big thing to say I’m enjoying my practice time again. As someone very wise reminded me I can’t race through excerpts all of the time. Even they need a good foundation built slowly to get to the end product. Train slow to play fast. Hmm, that sounds awfully familiar. I’m pretty sure my running coach has said many times that I need to run slow to run fast. You don’t see professional runners racing every week do you? I was pushed so much to play fast that I never had time to set a good foundation for what I was playing.

So, this week has been about going through music, and figuring out what I need to do to play things consistently correct. That’s mundane things like working out shifts, stroke quality, intonation, and rhythm. It’s not the most exciting practicing, and it’s easy to overlook things, but I can already hear a difference after two days. Everything needs to be right at the slower tempo, and at the faster tempos as well. Consistent! The more I consistently get things the better I feel about the audition.

Every day is different, and I’m going to try to approach what’s happened each day with a level head, and solve the problem at hand. Today I’m a little tired, and not really motivated to practice, but I know it’s a good day to go through things slowly and work on the foundation. Today’s run was the same way. Was it the most wonderful run ever? No, me legs were a little heavy from my strength workout, and getting up at 4:30 for to get this in before an early morning appointment was rough. But I accomplished the goal of getting 9.5 base miles done. My coach reminded me that it’s important for my legs to know how to work when they’re tired too. Everything isn’t going to smell like a bed a roses all of the time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting somewhere. It’s know what I need to accomplish, and setting small attainable goals that will help get me where I want to go!

What summer

I have been dragged back into the world of audition prep. Okay, not dragged. I choose to do the audition prep because I signed up for the audition, but boy did I forget how consuming this whole process is! I’m doing the majority of the work on my own. I just can’t afford the lessons after insuring the new violin didn’t quite go the way we had hoped, and well, instrument insurance isn’t cheap kids. Plus, something my teacher said kind of bothered me. He mentioned that he couldn’t get me ready for an audition 3 months away. Say what?! I feel like I have something to prove! To help I made a little reminder for myself:

With 12 excerpt to learn to play perfectly I have my work cut out for me. Admittedly I have been emotionally all over the map this week, which isn’t helping. Audition prep is technical. You have to be so completely honest about your playing down to the finest of details. There is no room emotional messes from other parts of my life. They don’t help with things like this:

I am trying to aside the fact that I’m tired, stressed, and frustrated by other things. They are out of my control. I can control bow strokes, tempos, rhythms, and intonation. I want this, and I’m willing to put the work in to get it!