Plotting and Planning

Truth – I wrote this post back on April 15th while watching the Boston Marathon. A lot has changed since that Monday. It was a big high for me. That is until a few hours later when everything changed. It doesn’t change the plan, or my dream. This is just to give some perspective for this post. For awhile I thought I wouldn’t post this, but then I realized that the actions of 2 people haven’t changed what I want to do as a runner.


Be careful what you say. Or maybe be careful where you say what you say. Monday morning I mentioned I had race envy of friends running the Boston Marathon. Coach Glenn, who has started helping Jeff with my training schedules, was listening. Over the next 30 minutes we discussed how I could get there. And by there I mean the Boston Marathon.

For those not familiar with the Boston Marathon you have to achieve a qualifying time to be able just to register. Fortunately, I move up to a new age group in 4 months, and get an extra five minutes. So then I just have to run a marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Talk about daunting. Ah, yes the head and the heart are once again disagreeing!

How do you know where you can go if you never try? Some of my co-workers have mentioned that I don’t run to my potential at all. So, back to that conversation with Glenn. I’m going to do some things that might scare me a bit. I’m going to push through when my head tells me to stop. I’m not going to hold myself back anymore. I’m ready to see if I can get to that dream goal! A few racing plans are changing as well as some fueling things, but it’s all for a purpose. It’s the BG to BQ plan as my co-worker Cheri has nicknamed it.

Marathon training – week 3

Behold the coveted recovery week!! Man did I earn this one! What is a recovery week? My coach does two weeks of building, when my mileage is higher, followed by a week of lower mileage so my body can recovery, and boy was my body ready for a recovery week. I have spent a lot of nights up too late watching the Olympics. Couple that with audition prep, and I was a bit wiped out. And then my confidence took a bit of a hit at violin lesson I took to get ready for my audition (ironically the same day I wrote a post on the mental game of auditions. Notice that one hasn’t been posted yet…). By the middle of the week I was falling asleep on the couch by 9:00, but part of that was the beach volleyball, which just couldn’t keep my interest.

So, all three runs this week were exactly the same thing, a fartlek run. A what? Take a breathe, and get out the giggles. Fartlek is sweddish for “speed play.” So, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday each had a 45 minute run with as many pick-ups as I wanted between 1 – 2 minutes at my 5k pace. Needless to say I’ve discovered that my 5k pace has gotten faster.

Tuesday’s Run:

4.73 miles in 45 minutes. average pace 9:35

pick-up splits: 8:08, 7:49, 8:08, 7:49, 7:48

who doesn’t like a sub-9 pace on the cool down

Wednesday’s Run:

4.67 miles in 45 minutes. average pace: 9:37

pick-up splits: 7:52, 7:48, 7:57, 7:32, 7:52, 7:42

Saturday’s Run:

5 miles in 45 minutes. average pace 9:03

pick-up splits: 7:50, 7:29, 7:15, 7:44, 7:18

who am I? That’s my easy pace?

I have to say I really like fartlek runs. They seem to agree with me. 🙂 Or maybe Saturday’s speediness came from straightening my hair Thursday. So, I washed it and straightened it again. Hey if it works stick with it! I learned a lot about myself as a runner this week. You know you’re on the right track when your coach is bouncing around, and excited while talking about a race 4 months away. The fact that I’m hitting runs with an average pace around 9 minutes a mile already is huge. I’m not sure I can wrap my head around what the final number will be when I cross the finish line, but honestly I’m just going to train, and not worry about that too much right now.

This week we’re back to base training. Excited to see what I can do on these runs!

Marathon Training – week 2

So, this week has been more of the same from the first week. In fact the workouts are identical.

Tuesday’s Run:

Plan: 1 hour 20 minute zone 2 run with surges into zone 3 every 20 minutes

Goal: base building

Thoughts: The nice thing about having the same workouts as the first week is that I already knew I could easily do these. Headed out on the same route that I did last week, and started to wonder if the crazy hills were slowing me down too much. Solid run though. 8.4 miles with average pace 9:52.

Conclusions: things are going well. Nutrition & hydration seem to be spot on.

Thursday’s Run

Plan: 1 hour 20 minute zone 2 run with surges into zone 3 every 20 minutes

Goal: base building

Thoughts: I changed things up, and made a new route up. I was surprised how much I liked it because I thought one road in particular would be super hilly, but it wasn’t bad at all. Definitely going to keep this in the rotation. This was also a pretty awesome run, but I had to remind myself it was just a base run, and not push the pace too much. 8 miles with average pace of 9:30.

Conclusions: Things are still going well.

Saturday’s Run

Plan: 14 miles in zone 2 with surges into zone 3 every 20 minutes

Goal: base building

Thoughts: My legs were a bit stiff for the first couple of miles, but you can’t give up just because you feel different one day. So, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. This turned out pretty decent. Got some cheers from some friends who drove by on their way home from their race. My garmin gps watch ended up dying 11 miles in, but even though I never realized when it died I had a general idea of how much more I needed to run. I still ran exactly 14 miles after mapping my route! 14 miles with average pace of 9:51.

Strength & Cross training

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were strength workouts. All of them were solid. Monday & Wednesday were done using my coach’s workout, and Friday was Pilates with Laura. We’re really starting to tackle some of my weak areas, and it’s really helping. Sunday was a nice easy 1 hour bike ride while watching the Olympics.

Mileage: 30 miles running, 16.4 miles biking

This week is a recovery week!!