Paging Dr. House

I really thought Thursday was going to bring a whole bunch of answers, and I would start feeling so much better. Instead it brought more frustration, and no answers. And yes, I’m still coughing.

Thursday I was set to have my allergy testing redone. The first time it was done I wasn’t off my allergy medicine for long enough. This time I had endured 9 days with no drugs. It was miserable. It reminded me of how bad I’ve felt in prior months. Long story short round 1 of skin testing showed no allergies. On to round 2 on my arms, also showing no results. Now most people would think this is a really good thing, but if you’ve been coughing for 5 months and passing every test it’s infuriating. Plus, as my doctor agreed, I’ve had some reactions that sound like a serious allergic reaction. Why doesn’t anything show up? So, Monday I get to do more blood work so they can run additional tests on the foods I have problems with. But that doesn’t get us any answers for the elephant in the room. 5 months of coughing!

Everyone has an opinion. People keep sending me ideas of what they think is causing the coughing. I know that the coughing is a symptom of troubles breathing. Saturday morning’s run was proof of that. I was almost reduced to tears by the end from frustration. What has happened to me? And why can no one find any answers?

So, now it’s a referral to doctor #4 to see what’s up with my lungs. Well, he was busy till the end of October, and since I’ve already been coughing for 5 months the idea of waiting another month just for someone to look at me wasn’t really appealing. So, I just have to wait another week to see one of his colleagues. Add on top of that a brewing battle with the insurance company over one of the tests my doctor order to determine her course of treatment has been deemed medically unnecessary. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. Other times I realize how fortunate I am. So, it’s one foot in front of the other, and the insurance company can expect a little letter coming in the mail.

“You don’t have to see where you’re going, you don’t have to see your destination or everything you will pass along the way. You just have to see two or three feet ahead of you.”      – Anne Lamott

One thought on “Paging Dr. House

  1. I am sorry you’re dealing with this. It took me 6-8 months to find a doctor who could help me with my issues. Have you thought about changing your diet for a couple months to see if that would help some? Your body could be so inflamed. I gave up dairy, grains, gluten, and some other things. It helped bring my inflammation levels down and my gut biome improved,which helped many things including my allergies

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