My mind has been all over the place since 3:09 yesterday. The running community is a special group. It doesn’t matter what size you are, color, where you live, or how fast you are everyone is embraced, and encouraged. Whether it’s a good morning in the wee hours of the morning, a chat along a race course, or a high-five we support, and encourage each other. Yesterday our community went through something unthinkable. It struck many of the people who matter the most to us, our family. Our support through the long hours of training, our cheerleaders. And while so many of us have been rattled we also come together as a community. To support those injured, and the first responders. To support each other. Some are wearing Boston marathon colors today, or race shirts to stand together. You can donate or give blood through the Red Cross. Today we pray for Boston


One thought on “#prayforboston

  1. Perfectly said. You’re so right. Much of what makes the running community so special is our support of one another. We’re seeing that in the glimmering spaces between the smoke in Boston.

    It is always a gift to run, always a reason to say a word of thankful prayer. When I run Boston next April, it will be even more an honor to run it in solidarity and strength for (and with) this community.

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