Pushing through

I’ve been working on figuring out a few things when it comes to auditions, and races. I am brilliant at training/practicing. I do everything I need to, all of the scheduled workouts, and hours of practicing, but when it comes to the big day things don’t always go the way I hope. Saturday I ran my first 8k race, and I figured out a few things about myself. Ways I can improve, and somethings I don’t like.

We grow up with phrases like “when life gets tough, the tough keep going.” Do I keep going when it’s tough? The honest answer is not always. I need to learn to push through when things get tough. Maybe I’m tired and don’t want to practice, or I gloss over important details that can make or break an audition. If the end result is to win backing off isn’t going to get me there. Instead changing up the practice session with some slow practicing to reinforce technique could make a big difference. Maybe it’s a hard race course with hill after hill. I need to learn to ignore what my head is saying about slowing down, and run with my heart instead of my head.

My goal for my next race, and audition is to ignore the doubt that creeps into my head, and go with my heart. As I remind my student I’m the only one who can hold myself back. What’s holding you back? And how can you grow from pushing through?


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