Catching up

So, I missed a few post that I normally do. Sorry about that. Things have been kind of crazy, and I’ve been a little down the past couple of days. So, quick catch up:

The Audition:

I played a pretty decent audition. My solo sounded great! The new violin projected so nicely in the hall I was auditioning in. It really filled the space. The first excerpt was great, and one of my favorites. The second excerpt was the scherzo from Medlesshon’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture. I got a bit nervous, but instead of imploding with super bouncey spiccatto I kept it together. I was totally bummed when they announced they were done listening to me. I really got the sense that they weren’t interested in hearing me. And then I heard later that not a single professional was offered a contract! Even the principle 2nd violin position went to a college student from the local university. I smell a plan to have only college kids in that orchestra. Why they advertised in the union newsletter is beyond me, but at least I got an audition experience to build off of for the next one.


Last week was another base building week. Nothing really big happened other than kick rear over 16 miles on a super hilly route! So far everything is going great, and I’m going to kill my marathon PR in December. Weekly totals: 35 miles of running and 17 miles of biking. This week is a recovery week!

Up Next:
1. Running – It’s back to building, and this time Jeff has added some more challenging runs. It’s 14 weeks till race day. Why does that sound really close already?

2. Tuesday I start the process of getting ready for braces again. Because everyone wants to get spacers four days before they turn 34. I haven’t been able to get dental floss between two of my back teeth for a week. I’m not so excited about this.

3. Auditions – I have two of them this week. I just need my spiccato to get on board, and I should be just fine. It’s nice having only 5 excerpts to get ready.
I’m a little overwhelmed, and a little nervous about this week, but I’m just going to take it a day at a time, and keeping checking things off of the to-do list.


One thought on “Catching up

  1. Bummer about the audition–better luck on the next one! Nothing kills the soul like auditions, but they are a necessary evil in this industry. Just remember it isn’t personal and that all committees are collectively idiots.

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