1. My arms were so tired of playing the violin on Thursday they just stopped. Seriously, I couldn’t hold them up anymore!

2. Friday is my favorite day, but not because it’s the end of the “work” week (honestly there isn’t a day I don’t work), but because I get to go to Pilates with my friend Laura. There might be a lot of giggling since another awesome friend has the spot before me. We are trouble.

3. I signed up for two more auditions (cue freak out). One of them is on my birthday. The last time I had an audition on my birthday I was in grad school, and I won the assistant principal 2nd violin chair. This might not be a bad thing.

4. I don’t understand why companies put stevia in protein powders. I had to stop using my favorite when I discovered issues with whey protein. Two brands that I’ve tried had buckets of stevia. The third didn’t, but it was really gritty. All that stevia makes me wonder what they’re hiding in there…

5. I’ve been having fun playing with instagram this week:

6. For the first time in 3 years I am not working on my birthday. I’m a mixed bag of emotions on this one. Sad because I didn’t get a contract from one of my favorite groups, confused because I don’t know what to do, and happy I get to actually get to celebrate my birthday. Good thing I found an audition.


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