20 weeks

Here we go again…

Yes, that says 20 weeks till marathon #9. I had to read a couple of this week’s workouts a couple of times before I got what Jeff was asking for. Fortunately, he’s taking it easy on me with the heat/humidity going on right now. Honestly I’m not that worried. I know that I’m going to PR this thing. My run on Saturday showed that my “easy” pace was more than enough to better my current marathon PR of 4:55. To be honest that PR isn’t really indicative of my ability. Okay, let’s be honest, it kind of stinks. All of that is going to change on December 8th at the Rocket City Marathon.

While this is the official start it isn’t the first build week of the training cycle. Jeff had me starting back at the beginning of the month. I’m already getting about 35 miles of running in a week plus lots of strength training. I’ve been subbing the core workouts with my new love Pilates. Extra bonus, Pilates helps with violin playing a lot! So, look for more running posts mixed in with violin posts. It’s a balancing act. 🙂 So, here’s to week 1 of training. Other than some workouts that smell suspiciously of boot camp (sorry to those who like BC. It’s not my thing) I’m pretty happy about with it.


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