@twtrsymphony first recording released

Tuesday was a pretty exciting day. Back in March an new idea was born. An idea to have musicians all over the world come to together through twitter, and form a recording based orchestra. And so the twtrsymphony was born. I was fortunate enough to audition, get in, and have a had a blast ever since.

It has been a labor of love for many in the group. Our wonderful composer Chip Michael who has composed all of the music, put parts together, made click tracks so that we’re all going the same speed, and kept the ship going straight. There are so many wonderful musicians I have “met” on twitter thanks to this little group. Maybe some day we will all meet in person. I’m not sure a room can handle us, but we sure do have fun on twitter.

After some technical hitches, and a flood in Scotland putting a damper on things our first recording went live on Tuesday. “The Hawk Goes Hunting,” is the first movement of four from Chip’s Symphony No 2. Click HERE to hear the recording


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