It was 11:30pm, and a light bulb went off in my head. A great big, bright, shiny light bulb. It said to stop stressing about things, and start finding solutions. So, I’m sitting in my bead googling the teaching ideas I have running through my head. Did I mention it was 11:30? Thank goodness the next morning had a strength workout instead of a run!

Since I’ve been working through the Soul Detox study with the ladies over at She Reads Truth I have thought a lot about what I say, how I react to things, and the relationships I have with different people. It’s also caused me to take a good look at my violin teaching. Am I being the best violin teacher I can? Or do I get to wrapped up in reacting emotionally to things? I’ve been frustrated with my teaching lately. I’m stressed that several students have left, and my studio is the smallest it’s ever been. But why? While some of the reasons people have left have been “interesting” I still feel that I need to examine myself. I don’t have the luxury of having a professor observe me teaching anymore to guide me when I may fall. I’m an adult. I have to figure out what works and what doesn’t on my own, which is why I was on my computer at 11:30pm googling things.

I have always loved learning. I am a big fat nerd in that sense. When I run I try to push myself to become better. When I practice my violin I am working out technique, and pushing myself to become better. And then it occurred to me that I’ve stopped doing that when it came to my teaching techniques. I’m not saying that what I was doing was bad or wrong. But instead of pushing myself to come up with new, and fun ways to keep kids engaged I would back off and hide when the going got tough. I need to be more proactive because let’s face it. These days if a kid isn’t having fun, learning, and getting better they aren’t going to hang around for a long time. We live in a society that expects instant gratification even if what’s being presented isn’t 100% at it’s best. So if you mention that the stars for a good job go away if you can’t make it through something there’s a good chance you may be less one student the next week. In some ways I feel more like an entertainer than a teacher sometimes.

I use to do teacher training all of the time. When the economy started going down hill I stopped going to training camps, and cancel subscriptions. I forgot how much I enjoyed getting back into the little details of how to teach music, what skills to work on, and how to engage kids. I got so bogged down in the things going on in my life that I forgot about recharging my teaching skills. I miss that! Thanks goodness for google! So now I’m sitting with flash cards around me creating me games, and trying to come up with creative ways to solve student’s issues with the piece they’re working on. I feel refocused, and re-energized.

One thought on “Rediscovering

  1. That’s the sign of a good teacher: someone who continually asks themselves “Am I doing the best I can?”
    I know how you feel:( I’ve lost several people–and while it scares me financially, I also couldn’t help but feel insecure about whether it had to do w/ my abilities as a teacher in general. As I’m gradually finding out, however, there are multiple reasons and a lot of them are out of my control: money problems, getting too comfortable w/ my personality, or flat out not liking my method of teaching–in which case, there’s nothing I can do to change that person’s mind.
    Hang on, and keep doing what you’re doing: searching for newer and better ideas and cultivating your own knowledge as a teacher!

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