What summer

I have been dragged back into the world of audition prep. Okay, not dragged. I choose to do the audition prep because I signed up for the audition, but boy did I forget how consuming this whole process is! I’m doing the majority of the work on my own. I just can’t afford the lessons after insuring the new violin didn’t quite go the way we had hoped, and well, instrument insurance isn’t cheap kids. Plus, something my teacher said kind of bothered me. He mentioned that he couldn’t get me ready for an audition 3 months away. Say what?! I feel like I have something to prove! To help I made a little reminder for myself:

With 12 excerpt to learn to play perfectly I have my work cut out for me. Admittedly I have been emotionally all over the map this week, which isn’t helping. Audition prep is technical. You have to be so completely honest about your playing down to the finest of details. There is no room emotional messes from other parts of my life. They don’t help with things like this:

I am trying to aside the fact that I’m tired, stressed, and frustrated by other things. They are out of my control. I can control bow strokes, tempos, rhythms, and intonation. I want this, and I’m willing to put the work in to get it!

2 thoughts on “What summer

  1. Good luck! 12 excerpts is a lot. Just a different perspective, as I used to kind of be like you and schedule the audition and THEN start prepping for it….my husband (who was an incredible violinist) gently took me aside after doing that for a few auditions and said, “Maybe you should just focus on the practicing and not the auditions themselves. Once you’re good and ready, THEN find an audition nearby, schedule it and feel better that you’re already prepared 3-4 months in advance. All you have to do now is maintain and polish.”

    I kind of agree with him now and have officially taken myself off the “audition circuit” until I’m more honest with my playing and practicing habits. No more applying for orchestra auditions and then madly preparing for them. I can tell you that that method is so very stressful. Maybe that’s what your teacher was thinking about when he told you that. He probably didn’t mean it as an insult.

    But no matter what you do, you’ll always learn from the experience. All the best.

    • That’s what I’ve been doing for a long time. I’ve been searching for an audition to put my better technique to use. It’s interesting to see the level of audition excerpts (the level you expect for a national audition) at a regional level. Fortunately I know some of the excerpts already, and just needed to pull parts out

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