The violin search comes to an end

Yes, I am a blogging slacker. A great big one. How big? Well, I’m writing this while I’m getting my hair done (yay mobile apps!). So yes, I owe you the rest of the story.

Things got pretty complicated, and dramatic a couple of weeks ago. To say I was frustrated was an understatement. So frustrated that I sat on the floor of my hotel’s bathroom sobbing one night while in savannah performing. No said this would be easy, but what happened was not anything I was prepared for. What happened? Well, in the end we figured out it was a communication issue, but it felt like anything but that while it was going on.

After the last post I decided which violin I wanted to buy. Really the choice was obvious. It was the best out of all of the violins I was looking at, and it was the only one that I could see that would really help me improve as a player. It is so easy to play, so responsive, and has such a clear sound I can really hear what I’m doing so that I can work towards getting better as a musician. So I let the seller know I was interested in purchasing it. Since it was someone I knew we were trying to work on a deal to make the purchase happen. So, I went off to Savannah to perform while trying to figure out how to make it work. It is a lot of money to buy this particular violin, and I got pretty stressed out about the financial bit. It came down to either buying a violin or continuing weekly lessons. As a musician I know that you never truly stop learning. The moment you stop listening to what you’re doing so that you can continue to improve is the second everything goes south. No instrument can guarantee improvement. For me I needed a violin that could give me accurate feedback to continue improving. When I told the seller that he wasn’t happy. Apparently reading my e-mail incorrectly he withdrew his offer to sell the violin if I couldn’t continue lessons. Even after talking to him I couldn’t understand the problem when I agreed with what he was saying. I was frustrated, mad, and ready to walk away from all of it.

After a phone call with my parents we came up with a plan, and presented it to the seller after I got back. I was so nervous! Mostly because I was so confused and upset. Turns out everyone was on the same page after all. So, with a loan from my parents I bought the violin. I love it! I feel like it was made for me. I can hear where I need to work, and while I can’t afford to take as many lessons I still want to when I have a little extra money.

Lots of other things have been going on too. I’ll save those for other post. There are new audition opportunities, new running adventures, and other craziness on the horizon.


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