Violin Search: comparing

I think one of the hardest things about this whole process is both remembering what a violin sounds like, and how it compares to the others. So, I thought I would do something fun. It started as a way that I would hear what each violin sounded like from a different vantage point, and then I thought how often I get asked to put recordings on the blog. So, here they are! All the recordings are of the same piece, the Adagio movement of the a minor sonata for solo violin by J. S. Bach.

Recoding 1: current violin

recording 2: violin 1

recording 3: violin 2

recording 4: violin 3

Yes, I’m playing all of those notes! At the same time! Take a listen, and see what you think. I’m also including the violin I currently playing. I definitely have a favorite violin out of the group, but I’ve mixed them up, and hidden their identities to protect the innocent 🙂

4 thoughts on “Violin Search: comparing

  1. I guess I’m in the minority with this view, but I believe before one invests (or goes into debt!) in upgrading their instrument, they need to ask themselves if a)they’ve truly gotten everything they can out of their current instrument and b) if they are not (ie, not practicing, or not practicing well), what do they think will change with a different–even better– violin? Please don’t take it the wrong way; it’s just that I’ve seen people rush into purchasing expensives violins w/ the mentality that it would change their future. It didn’t. And mainly because their habits didn’t change even after getting the newer, better instrument. I once thought I need to upgrade my violin in order to snag the perfect orchestra job; now I believe I just need to practice better, and that my instrument is good enough in showcasing my abilities if I’M willing to put the work in. If I ever got into an orchestra, I told myself that only then would I upgrade.
    Just my two cents!

    • No offense! And the reason for upgrading is because I’be gotten all I can out of the current one. In fact it’s holding me back a bit. I need a good instrument for orchestra plus something that I can continue to grow on. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is go back into debt for something I don’t need! I totally understand your thoughts, and agree. 🙂

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