The Violin Search: Getting Serious

Last week was interesting. I have to admit that I was not in the best mood for most of it. Everything just seemed to go wrong. I took a little trip up to Winder, GA, which ended up being a lot further than I thought. An hour drive each way! At least I got to look at 5 violins. I’m not sure how I thought searching for a new violin would go, but I wasn’t overly impressed with what I was trying, which included “the most amazing violin.” One problem with the most amazing violin. We aren’t sure that it is what it says that it is. There are still tons of people trying to make some money by putting fake labels on instruments that are not as good. A maker’s name is everything, and can raise prices. It’s priced kind of low for the maker it claims, and I have to admit that after bringing it home and playing on it a bit, I don’t really think it’s the most amazing violin. It’s okay. The other one I brought home is better, but with both of them I feel like something is missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but both are just one-dimensional. They are both bright, and that’s kind of it. Yes, the sound might mellow a bit as they open up, but I’m not all that interested in finding out.  They aren’t “the one.”

There is a violin that I keep thinking about. Every time I’ve been able to play it, and that’s twice now, I just get really happy. It’s so easy to play right out of the starting gate, and it has a beautiful sound. It’s a sound that I want to hear more, and discover what it can do. I’m curious about what the violin will sound like once it opens up, and even more interesting I don’t feel “stuck” anymore when I play it. I can get the phrases I want when I play it without having to over play. I don’t have to press my fingers down hard, and things like vibrato are much easier, as they should be. I feel like when I play this violin everything just clicks. Extra bonus, it’s pretty too. I got to borrow it this week to practice with, and see what happens as it opens up, and how we might interact with each other. It’s a big violin in terms of sound. It doesn’t like being pushed around. It is definitely a big girl violin. I have the feeling I’m going to do a lot of growing up this week.

Isn’t it pretty? The top plate is pine. You can just tell it’s going to age well 🙂

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