The search for a new violin begins

My parents decided to buy me a new violin as a middle school graduation present. I had been playing on my grandmother’s violin since the 4th grade and they thought it was time that I had a good violin going into high school and for my new violin teacher that I was about to start studying from. We got a beautiful violin for a great price (it’s actually worth about $1000 more than what we paid). I love that violin. In fact it’s the header picture for the blog. It’s beautiful!

I used that violin all through college, and graduate school. I knew that some day I would need a new one, but I was encouraged by former teacher (who is a trusted mentor) that I should start with a new bow. So, I searched and tried bows and found a fabulous gold wound violin bow by Michael Taylor that I love (honestly, I can’t wait to buy another from him some day). About a year after that I came to the point where my beautiful violin simply couldn’t give me the sound I was asking of it. I had out grown it. Thankfully my teacher had a spare violin that I could borrow. We had a rocky start to say the least. In fact I couldn’t stand the violin to start with. Over the past couple of years we’ve gotten to know each other, and get along pretty well. But now I’ve out grown it as well. I knew this day was coming. It was time to seriously get down to saving for a violin.

But where in the world do you start? I sent an e-mail to that same teacher/mentor explaining what was going on. The fact that someone mentioned their desire to sell a violin in my price range and was willing to work on a repayment plan made my head go into over drive! The e-mail that I got back was just what I needed. Now I had a list of things to think about. Buying a violin isn’t just an emotional purchase, but one that has to be carefully considered, researched, and thought out. After all I am looking for “the” violin. The first thought was I need to get a notebook to keep this all organized!

So, now I have a place to keep thoughts, and research about each violin that I try. I don’t know how long it will take, but the purpose now is to research what’s available in my price range, and discover what I’m looking for in a fiddle. Buckle up kids. It’s going to be a crazy ride!!

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