Well, gum surgery turned out to be about as fun as it sounds. The actual procedure itself wasn’t bad thanks to lots of Novocaine, and noise canceling headphones that they had. I could choose any sirus radio station I wanted! I ended up listening to the classical station (shocking I know) and tried really hard not to bob my head along to the beat. The hard part has been not being able to chew. As someone who likes to eat it’s not easy being limited in what I can eat. It seems like i’m always hungry. Plus my jaw has been pretty swollen. Thursday was pretty rough, but I’ve been able to eat more each day. Monday is going to be interesting. I haven’t touched my violin since Wednesday. I even had to cancel my own lesson because my jaw is still swollen. However, I haven’t had to take my pain meds for a day now. Just some Advil if I need it. Now I just need to survive 7 more days of salt water rinses.

There are so many things going on right now. Exciting things, although somewhat overwhelming.

  • my student loans from grad school are gone! I can’t even begin to say how exciting that is. Such a nice burden to have gone!
  • I’ve declared 2012 the year I get out of debt. I was doing pretty good until my car got really needy and ended up needing $1100 in repairs. So, I’m not as far along as I would like right now, but I’m slowly getting rid of it all. I’m getting this whole budget thing down. It’s not always super fun, but honestly I would rather be done with debt!
  • I’m finally getting down to business and seriously saving up for a new violin. It’s going to cost more than my car did, but it needs to happen. There’s a whole blog post coming. It may end up being a series…
  • After a rough patch teaching wise I’ve gotten back in a nice grove by going back to basics. My mantra for spring lessons is fun and easy. There have been a lot of smiling kids leaving my studio lately, which makes me very happy. There may be some blog posts coming about that too
  • I haven’t written much about races lately because most of them have been short and fast. So far this year I’ve set 3 new personal best.

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