Crazy week

This week didn’t really go the way I had planned. Monday night I had to call and find out if my standby group had to report for jury duty on Tuesday. Of course we had to go. It hasn’t ever been a bad experience. I had a book all loaded on my nook that I had been trying to read for awhile. Not the best thing I had ever read by the author, but it got me through 5 hours of jury duty. Even with the weird guy turning around and staring at me it wasn’t a bad morning.

The rest of the week was going well till Thursday morning. I was just driving south down Northside Dr and out of now where a tree limb fell on my windshield while I was going 40mph. It was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard!

It completely distroyed the windshield. Honestly I don’t really know how I kept going. So Thursday afternoon was spent on the phone with the insurance company and glass companies to see who could come out the earliest to repair the window. Fortunately I found a wonderful company who could fit me in Friday morning (highly recommend the Glass Doctor in Norcross. Great service!). So now I have this pretty windshield:

So much better! Thank goodness I still had a little bit of my refund left. Over two weeks I’ve spent over $1100 taking care of things with the car. Hopefully it’s done for awhile because next week I have to start fixing me. I get to have gum grafts done next Thursday. This is slightly problematic because of 15k I’m signed up for next weekend. So I’m planning out soft foods to eat for awhile. Fortunately I have a recipe for dairy free chocolate pudding from one of my favorite restaurants. Pudding is good!

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