Pinterest is such a great place to find wonderful things! I found this last week after finishing my race recap. It happened to echo a lot of what my coach was saying to me at the time too. So, now on to bigger, and better things! After much searching Jeff, and I have set my racing schedule for the first part of 2012. It kind of starts next week with a 5k, but who’s counting?

  1. Marietta Gobble Jog 5k Thanksgiving Day
  2. Resolution Run 10k New Year’s Day
  3. Museum of Aviation 1/2 Marathon January 14, 2012
  4. Albany, GA Marathon March 3, 2012

Before Savannah I wasn’t sure when I wanted to do another marathon. After Savannah I knew I needed to just to show myself that I am capable of living up to my potential. Jeff has a plan, and the hints makes it sound like I’m going to have some tired legs, I mean stronger legs. 😉 I’m excited about training again, and ready to see where we go from here! The groin muscle is still being a pain, but slowly getting better. Hopefully I’ll be back out and running soon!

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