Savannah Rock-n-Roll marathon course preview – mile 15-22

I love being asked to play in Savannah, and as soon as the contract came in for September’s concert I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my run while I was in town. Fortunately Jeff was thinking the same thing, a tempo run at race pace on the course. Even better was the fact that my hotel was only a couple of miles from the back loop of the course. So, I laced up my trusty Newton shoes, and tried out my new lululemon shirt for an hour and a half on the course.

For some reason I ran the course backwards. I think it was because I didn’t notice sidewalks on the way to the hotel, and I was on some really busy streets on my way to the actual course. After a quick warm-up on Abercorn & Eisenhower I arrived to Nottingham, the western most portion of the course.

It’s a lovely little suburb area of town. Quiet, and filled with street names like Robin Hood, Little John, and other characters from the story. As cool as the names were I was looking for LaRouche, which will bring runners to Nottingham. I think runners are really going to like this part of the course. It’s as flat as a pancake, cover by trees, and runs along the marsh.

It’s certainly more scenic that the late parts of other rock-n-roll races. For a time you feel more like you’re running through the low country of the islands that surround the area more than the fact that you are still inside of Savannah. It’s peaceful, and quiet. Perhaps not what all runners want at this point in the race, but remember this is a rock-n-roll. There are still bands along this part of the course. In the entire 10.5 miles I ran I came across 2 hills, one of which is not on the course. The hills come when crossing bridges, and are nothing terribly challenging. I actually found them to a nice way of breaking up the flatness of the terrain. For obvious reasons I didn’t run on the Parkway because, well it’s a highway. The good news is that portion of the route is short, and you get rewarded with pretty scenery after the first bit, and being about a mile from the finish the second time.

I have to say overall I’m impressed with the portions of the course I’ve run on. It’s going to be a lot of fun come November. If you haven’t already checked out the course you can click on the link below to take a look. All the course information, and elevations are up on the Savannah Rock-n-Roll website



One thought on “Savannah Rock-n-Roll marathon course preview – mile 15-22

  1. glad you hit the course and repped our hood. I have been keeping some notes since the start of training. Jessie is doing Team N Training and I am just having fun. Check it out if you wish at Runswithspot.blogspot.gom and

    hope you enjoy the SAV and good luck. This is sure to be a blast and a huge lift for the runnning community in Savannah.

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