Hold the dairy

After last week’s food post, and some of the questions that came out of it I thought an update was in order. Coach Jeff gave me a few tips as I got started with the changes:

1. Lose the dairy. When my dentist encouraged me to cut out all the sugar that I could I started to notice dairy has a lot of sugar. In fact my skim milk had up to 12 grams of sugar for a cup. At first I was a little worried. I got a lot of my protein from Greek yogurt with lunch everyday. Then I realized I got a huge sugar crash every afternoon. So, out went the dairy, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been going between unsweetened coconut and almond milk, and my tummy loves the difference! The upset tummy is gone, and the digestive system feels 1000% better. Plus protein smoothies are really yummy!

2. Avoid anything white. White flour, and white sugar is processed. It isn’t natural. So away they went. No more bread, bagels, or sweets. In fact the cupcake I had a week ago made me feel awful. What the tummy wants is what it gets. So, now I get my carbs from fruits, and veggies. I like fruit, a lot!

3. If it grows, eat it! Even more than being Paleo Jeff and Diane promote natural eating. It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about the Clean Food cookbook. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy level since making the switch. I feel like you can see the difference too. My skin looks even better, and I look leaner, which is a good thing with Savannah training starting to build back up.

It’s a good thing mom has always said I have a lot of will power. Sometimes it’s not easy. After a lackluster dinner out Monday dad wanted to go to Dairy Queen. I can’t eat anything at DQ, and after realizing that everyone was happy with the ice cream or sorbet back at the beach house we were renting.

This weekend I’m trying out some new recipes from Clean Food:
Golden beet & snap pea salad
Sprouted Quinoa Tabbouleh
Quinoa with Black bean salad & lime vinaigrette

I’ll let you know how they go 🙂


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