It’s been a lack luster week of training. Granted it’s the first week back at training since the marathon 3 weeks ago, but still I’m not really happy.

  • Monday – Peachtree Road Race 10k, missed my time goal by 6 minutes thanks to the crazy heat
  • Wednesday – a nice little 60 minute run, the highlight of the week
  • Friday – yasso 800s, the first ones in over a year. missed my goal time on each of them. why does my coach have to personally know Bart Yasso so that we (his clients) all get to do these things correctly?
  • Sunday – long run at the beach. Yes, I’m on vacation and I’m still training (and blogging). Run cut short by 30 minutes thanks to insane fog/smoke combination. Some form issues may have gotten in the way too

I keep trying to tell myself that it’s just the first week. I feel like all of a sudden I’ve lost my running mojo. I’m annoyed with myself about Sunday’s run even if it was the right decision. And why, when I’ve done yassos in 4:09 before, can’t I hit 4:15 for four stupid repeats?

On the upside, it’s a new week. Hopefully Tuesday’s run will straighten things back out. Here are a few shots from Sunday’s run with the crazy smoke clouds:


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