Food is fuel

One of many changes has started with the training plan for the savannah rock-n-roll marathon. My coaches are always talking about treating food as fuel. Jeff & Diane are both clean, natural, un-processed food eaters. After talking with them I got the “Paleo Diet for Athletes,” to read while I was finishing my training for Alaska.

I will admit that the book is a bit confusing in places. There are lots of charts and numbers that get thrown around that don’t seem to have a place. It also seemed odd that the author says it okay to cheat and eat processed foods despite spending a great deal of time touting whole, un-processed foods. There are parts that do make a lot of sense, and I definitely learned some things that I didn’t know. I have to confess that I didn’t finish the whole book because the numbers & confusing tables just stopped making sense.

So, with more guidance from Jeff and Diane I started working on what I ate. Before Alaska I started phasing out diary. The less I had the better I felt! I got rid of processed breads & bagels, and put more vegetables and fruits in my diet to increase my carbs. Using complex carbohydrates instead of starchy carbs helped keep my weight in check for the race, and i felt light instead of weight down by carbs. The oatmeal breakfast got swapped out for egg white omelets with either veggies or crab meat (I became obsessed with a crab omelet I had in Alaska). Lunch is now a spinach salads topped with veggies, and some grilled chicken. I’ve started playing around with how I cook the chicken too. It’s the first time I’ve started making up my own recipes instead of trying someone else’s. I’ve also become slightly obsessed with blueberry protein smoothies, and have discovered the world of hammer nutrition products. In the three weeks since the marathon I’ve made big changes in the way I eat, and I can already feel and see a difference. I’ve already lost some inches around my waist, and my energy level is much better. I don’t have huge sugar crashes after lunch anymore, and I’m not dead tired by the end of the work day. It’s refreshing.

I think one of the most challenging things has been to say good-bye to things I use to love. Over the fourth of July holiday my family decided to get cupcakes, and my Dad decided we should get a dozen since they were a $1 each. I had one Saturday night with everyone else. Hey, the Paleo author said I could cheat, right? Thank goodness I had another day before my race. That little cupcake made me miserable! It’s funny how cleaning all the junk out of my system has caused me to only want good, clean food. As sad as it is cupcakes and I are parting ways. Thank goodness watermelon is in season :-). And to help things out I ordered a new cookbook Clean Food (it’s 50% off at Amazon right now!)

I’ve heard really good things about it. Even though it has tofu dishes, which I can’t do because it’s processed, I’m curious to see what kind of seasonal recipes it has. It’ll be here when I get back from the beach next week :-). So far I really like the changes. It’s part of the “find out what Bonnie can really do” project. Another step comes in tomorrow’s workout

2 thoughts on “Food is fuel

  1. Nice post! I have been carefully looking at my food as fuel also. I use to track my nutrition, and it’s nice because every day I get a nutrient report that highlights nutrients that I am not getting enough of and too much of. I try to choose foods to fill any voids the next day. Thanks for the heads up about the Clean Food cookbook. I’ll check it out.

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