Taper? What taper?

For the past week I’ve been tapering for my next marathon. Usually at this point my mind is racing and my head is not always saying the most positive stuff. “What have I gotten myself into? Why am I doing this again? You’re never going to meet your goal. You’re not very good at this. You should switch down to the half.” Clearly my head is not my friend in the taper.

This time is different. Coach Diane has kept me on a steady diet of strength training, stretching, and mile repeats. What are mile repeats? Run a mile at a faster effort, then recover at a slower speed, and repeat. Instead of freaking out about a marathon I’ve been focused on surviving mile repeats in the crazy heat wave (oh how I love heart rate training right now!!) and catching up on violin work that I don’t have time to freak out. Instead I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement. I’ve been planning day trips in Anchorage with friends, finishing the last few long runs, packing, and trying to plan food/snacks that travel on a plane.

For the first time that I can remember I’m calm about the race. I can see myself running on the tank trail through all kinds of beautiful scenery. And trust me, I will have a camera with me! I think a few changes in my nutrition have helped too. I’ve been enjoying the tea my parents brought me from their trip to England, have become addicted to coconut water, and have started using coconut milk instead of regular dairy milk. It’s a slow start to some bigger changes that will happen post marathon. I’m excited about what Saturday will bring, and what will start happening after the race! Just 9 weeks of working with Jeff & Diane have turned me into a different runner. Instead of focusing on pace I focus on effort. It has brought me leaps & bounds from my first phone call with them. I’m stronger, more confident, and I find that the negative voices disappear more and more. Some mornings I still work to get out bed and out on the road, but overall I am happier, and less tired. I recover faster, and can go further. I have a sense that nothing can stop me on Saturday. It’s a pretty awesome feeling!

Now, how do I get a bunch of fruit through security? or chance it and try to find a store near the hotel? See, no need to freak out about the race 🙂

What’s up?

Um, so I got a bit side tracked when it comes to keeping up with the blog. My profound apologies. Things have been all over the place lately. To give you an idea:

  • a couple of months ago I hired a running coach. A real person who makes training schedules for me. Well, it’s actually 2 people, Jeff & Diane Kline from PRSfit. I love working with them!
  • So working like mad before my last big long run wasn’t the best idea. Diane told me to stop, so I did, which was smart. I’m ready for Alaska.
  • Apparently my body decided that the end of the teaching semester, and the end of the orchestra season was too much to handle. Last week I had the stomach bug that’s been going around Atlanta. It’s not really the way I would have liked to have gotten rest, but that’s what it was.
  • I treated myself to a massage and a haircut last week. Because I needed to relax, and rock my race pictures next week 🙂
  • I’m leaving for Alaska in just 6 days!! 6 DAYS!!!!!
  • In 8 days I’m running a marathon, in Alaska, and I’m not freaking out about it :-). I like this change!
  • planning day trips with friends if fun, and may not help my productivity levels…

That’s it for now! I can’t wait to leave for Anchorage on Thursday. I may have started packing already! I will follow the packing list, and try my hardest not to leave anything behind for once!