Savannah Rock-n-Roll Marathon course: the start & historic downtown

When The Savannah RNR was first announced I got really excited. I love running in historic downtown whenever I’m in town. Closer inspection of the map over the past couple of days shows that only a very small portion of the course goes through what is considered historic downtown. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of pretty parts of the course. It just means I can’t show you much of it on this trip (hint Savannah Philharmonic ask me back in the fall please 🙂 ). So here’s a little preview:

The start:
The race starts on Bull Street. It’s the main street that goes next to the river. Not to be confused with River street, which is a level lower where all of the shops are & limited driving access. You can’t see much of the river from Bull Street, but you get a great sense of Savannah history. The state house (savannah being the first colony settlement in Georgia was once the capital of the state), along with lots of great historical markers for various buildings.

That’s where you’ll be running!!

After the start you’ll go through a little industrial area by the bridge that takes you to the barrier islands north of Savannah (think Hilton head). Some wondering through the suburbs eventually bring you back to historic downtown, and Liberty Street (conveniently where my hotel was on this trip. Savannah Hilton Desoto rocks, and I got a great deal through priceline).

So, those are the bits of the course from this trip. All of the parts I’ve shown you are flat! Flatter than the Chicago marathon flat. Coming up in a day or so places I like to eat. Cause I want everyone to enjoy all of the yummy food here, which is what I’m about to do myself 🙂

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