Things I don’t understand

There are things that happen or that people say that don’t always make sense to me. They make me pause, think, reflect, and wonder:

1. Why would you put students on a recital who were not ready? One parent was a bit annoyed, a piano teacher not from our school wondered how students were allowed to perform with music. I don’t know what to say other than I never put a student who isn’t completely ready to perform a piece on a recital, and it’s never their current piece. It’s hard watching kids struggle on a recital. Especially when they’re struggling & have the music in front of them!

2. Saying it’s not personal is the exact opposite of what it is. How is it not personal that your son is signed up for lessons with another teacher for the summer, and why would you think that I don’t mind? I wondered if it would happen since it’s his sister’s teacher, but they have repeatedly been told that there isn’t room for them right now. I’ve put up with tantrums, and having child being told that it’s okay not to do what I ask. Maybe you don’t need to be in my studio either…

3. Every music interval has a different musical color. I get the idea, but I’m going to need a while to figure this one out.

4. Season finale cliff hangers in TV shows. Trust me I like your show & will keep watching it, but don’t pretend to kill of the main character and then keep me hanging for 4 months!

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2 thoughts on “Things I don’t understand

  1. I feel your frustration:( Actually, the recital thing–that’s a little rude for another teacher to comment like that, or for a parent to display dissatisfaction right then and there. I like to think that most of my students are prepared for their recitals, but I have seen other students struggle a bit, and I know it’s never my place to judge their teacher or them either. Everyone is different and will react differently on stage. I’ve never seen anyone discourage a student or teacher in both instances. I think it’s bad taste to do so.
    And don’t worry about students leaving for another teacher; I’ve had that happen to me, too. I lost quite a few last summer, but when I pondered the whole group it suddenly dawned on me that they were all my very worst (and most disrespectful) students and that I had suddenly been rid of them! When I realized that, I counted it as a blessing. Of course, that small group was just a tiny percentage of my entire studio, and I have great students who I know appreciate me and my teaching and are thriving under it. I know they won’t leave unless I have nothing left to teach them (or if they move, etc.).

    • This was struggling like something I’ve never seen before. The girl had the music in front of her, and still couldn’t play the notes. Watching the teacher I could tell he was really nervous. Maybe she has stage fright, I don’t know. I understand wanting a recital to be a display for finished pieces, it’s the way my teachers brought me up. And the student leaving, well I told the office that if there isn’t space for them in the other studio in the fall I didn’t really want to keep going through this each year, and explained how the lessons were going. I’m not going to miss this struggle

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