Stuff my students do

One of my student’s brings her puppy to her lesson every week. Technically he shouldn’t be there, but he never makes any noise. He just sits there and listens. His favorite part is when I play the piano with her. He’s got a big loopy looking grin on his face, and a look of happiness.

The student took a spill on her way in to her lesson Monday. It meant that puppy and I were left alone. Who can resist a wimpering puppy who just wants love? Poor thing missed his people while the clean up was going on. The student came back while her Mom went of in search of a bandaid, and puppy still wimpered. He wanted mommy. I said all he wants is love. So she walked over and petted my head. I had to explained that I meant the dog as I was giggling. Typical Monday πŸ™‚

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