Stuff my students say

I have sadly been neglecting my poor blog. The past couple of weeks have been crazy!! And then a twitter friend suggested I start a website with all the stuff my students say. Hmmm, a blog series being born? I think I have enough for stuff conductors say too :-). Here are a few favorites from over the years:

1. A student walk into his 20 lesson minutes late a couple of months ago, looked straight at the clock, and said “I think I’ll go as slow as I can so I can waste as much of the time left as possible.”

2. I was talking about how we use shoulder rest for people with long necks, like me, and joking said mine was as long as a giraffe’s. The student looked right at me and said “Miss Bonnie your neck isn’t like a giraffe’s, it like a horse.”

3. A couple of students are getting ready for this month’s recital. I got a call about the program from the co-director of the school “does she have to play the whole song on the recital?”

4. Me “did you bring your books?” student “no, was I suppose to?”

5. One of my students came to her lesson last week, and opened her violin case only to discover there wasn’t a violin inside. She brought the case, but left the violin at home

6. Me: what kind of note is that? Student: a donut. Me: I don’t think so. Student: a walnut? A whale? A whole note? Me: I like that last one

7. When I first started teaching I did music classes for a pre-school. One of my jobs was to help with the morning carpool. One day a little boy ran up to me and said “Miss Bonnie I’m wearing batman underwear!” and the proceeded to pull down his shorts to show me

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