NYCM & the lottery

Last November I did something I had been thinking about, but never done. I put my name in for the New York City Marathon lottery. See, there are so many people who want to run that all people interested apply to be apart of a lottery for entries. I’ve wanted to run the race for a couple of years, but never plucked up the nerve to apply. This year a friend said I just had to sign up. I’m a marathon runner, I had to run NYCM. So, why was I nervous? It might have something to do with already being signed up for another marathon the same weekend. Go ahead, she said, just put your name in. No one gets in the first time…

So, I paid my $11 and registered all the while hoping I wouldn’t get in, so I could do the race I was already signed up for. Well lottery day arrived yesterday. You know that sinking feeling you get when you want things to go one way, but just know the opposite is going to happen. Well noon came, and the lottery started. There were feeds to watch the live lottery selections, which I didn’t have time to watch. But then around 1:15 the news started to come in. Someone had seen my name scroll across, then another person noticed. I had to check, but the site was down. Finally I got my hands on a link to check my status, and sure enough there it was. I had been selected to participate in the 2011 NYC marathon.

So now it come down to what to do. My training plan for the year has been designed around Savannah. It’s the race I’ve been looking forward to the most, and where all of my friends are going to be. Plus I’m signed up to run it with team in training as my local event (they cover 2 events for me as a GTS coordinator). One friend pointed out that NYCM is going to be super expensive if I defer, but no mater what race I choose I lose money since i’ve already registered for Savannah. Basically it came down to which race I really wanted to run this year, and my choice keeps coming up as Savannah. Financially it works out better to do NYCM next year. So, today I need to check out my deferment options. The NYCM website has been surprisingly out of date, and the login system was down all day yesterday, so hopefully I can find what I need.

I’m super excited about having the chance to run NYCM, and I never expected to get in on my first try.

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3 thoughts on “NYCM & the lottery

  1. that is how it always happens. when you really dont want to do something it always presents the opportunity.

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