Fabulous Finds

My head is so full of pollen I can barely think straight. Top that with an insane week, and I don’t have much. So I thought I would share some things I’m excited about:

I have been looking for one of these amazing grass smoothie containers forever!! And there it was at Whole Foods. Plus it came with samples of their superfood products. I can’t wait to start making smoothies to take to work, or have post run!

One of my twitter buddies decided she wanted to try making her own sweatybands, and I got to try one of her test bands! LOVE IT! can’t wait for her to add them to her etsy store

After 4 years I thought it was time to start replacing some of my summer running tops. They um, well they kind of smell. So I ordered these from Athleta. They got here earlier than scheduled & they’re super cute! So excited. I bought all three colors, but the purple is backordered. I wore the white one this morning for some hill repeats & it was fabulous! It fits great, has two huge pockets on the back, and perfectly wicks the sweat away. I never felt sweaty while I was running, which is pretty impressive.

That’s it for now. I’m pretty excited about a little something Erica and I have been chatting about. I can’t wait to share, but in the mean time you should check out her website 🙂

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