Nerves and germs

Nerves are a good thing. It’s means that something is important to you, that you invested in what you’ve prepared for, and you want to do your best. I’ve been nervous on and off since Sunday. Tuesday evening I started to panic. My nerves were mixing with germs. By Tuesday evening my head was getting congested, and I had bad chills. A wool sweater, and a wool blanket were doing nothing to keep me warm. When I woke up Wednesday morning I thought I was better, so I went for a short run. Big mistake!! An hour later I was back in bed under 3 layers with chills again. The nerves had turned to terror. It was happening again.

In 2010 I ran two marathons, and I was sick for both of them. The night before the Tallahassee marathon I started getting chills, and coughing. I could tell what was coming. The next day I chose to run the marathon anyway, and was doing great till the halfway turn around. The last half I fought off coughing, and an unhappy tummy. Ironically I still PRed (set a personal record) by 6 minutes. The night before the Chicago marathon we were at the Team in Training pasta dinner. I noticed one piece of chicken was still a little pink, and things in general didn’t sit well with my tummy. I went to bed nervous. I never finished my pre-race meal the next morning. It took every ounce of will power I had to keep everything in my tummy. I had never experienced such bad waves of nausea before. It was overwhelming, and frustrating. I felt horrible, but I ran anyway. Despite the heat, and wanting to throw up for the last four miles of the race I finished with a 2 minute PR (seriously?!?!).

Getting sick four days before the race scared me. I had spent 4 1/2 months training for this race. Thoughts of the Georgia marathon being cursed started running through my head again. I stopped running, and started sleeping. Today I am a confused jumble of nerves a germs. Half of me wants to do sprint repeats around the house. The other half wants to lay on the couch and never move again. Last night as I was trying fall asleep I could tell my energy was starting to come back. Instead of going to sleep I started to pick out my race day outfit (Lululemon running skirt, and Team in Training top. I can’t decide between the shirt or singlet at the moment). I’m pretty excited about seeing one of my favorite friends and first running buddy for our annual trip to the expo this afternoon. As nervous as I am it’s a calming thought to think that I’m picking up my race number. The cough is going away, the fever seems to be gone, and I’m starting to get bouncy. Now if the congested head would go away, that would rock!!

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One thought on “Nerves and germs

  1. Good luck with this race and all your future races! I admire anyone who has done a marathon–I can only handle 5Ks right now; I may try to attempt a 10K soon, but honestly, I haven’t been regularly running, so we will have to see.

    Hope you feel better! Get lots of rest:)

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