Thursday I walked into Lululemon. The first time I went to the store I resisted everything, and only got a new yoga mat, which I love! Thursday I went in just to see what they had. I needed to start replacing some things in the running wardrobe, and I thought, why not.

I found this super cute new running skirt that I got in all black. I can’t wait to wear it! It’s just the right length. Part of me is hoping it might be warm enough to wear it for the marathon next weekend. Plus, it makes my legs look really awesome!

After I left the store I kept thinking about a bag I had seen. And then the lululemon weekly e-mail came, and there was the bag. Such a pretty bag! Then I got on FaceBook, and there was the bag again! I could not get away from the bag. The more I thought about the bag, and looked at the bag the more I liked it. And then I started thinking about how I could use the bag, and well you probably get the idea at this point. Plus, it’s purple, the Team in Training color! Really, how could I not go back and get the bag?

I didn’t really need to use it Saturday morning, but it was so nice throwing some extra stuff in, and carting everything in the bag instead of juggling it all. Plus it has a laptop space built-in, so my pretty new MacBook Pro can take a ride in it too! I’m not sure that I can afford to have lululemon as a regular habit, but I sure do like what I got!


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