2 weeks to go

I’ve been bouncing, bouncing all over the place. After weeks of putting up with sore left leg muscles I took 10 days off of running, and worked on core strength. Today I went for my first run in almost a week and a half, and despite a little tightness I was almost right where I want to be for the marathon in 13 days.

My friend Ken & I are going to run together, and we have a plan!! And it’s a plan that, after today’s run, shouldn’t be hard to do.

Dear Georgia marathon,
I know I’ve run the half the past couple of years since our last meeting, but I want to warn you that I’m coming for you! I know I will smash my course time from our last meeting. You don’t scare me. And PR, you might want to watch out too. There’s a really good chance I’ll be passing you along the way too!


Now back to our regularly scheduled bouncing. Yeah, it’s taper madness time 🙂

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