new standards

I’ve learned a lot this weekend. I blame my violin teacher. It’s all his fault :-). And it hasn’t been just violin related, but running too.

At my lesson Thursday morning we talked a lot about taking things one day at a time. I put a lot of pressure on myself to consistently get better. I push too much, and I stalled out. Same with my running. I want to badly to get faster, but the only thing that was happened is that my legs gave up. They just didn’t want to go anymore. So it was a weekend of taking a step back and re-establish the foundation.

– I went slow on my almost 16 mile run Sunday, and stayed in heart rate zone 2 the whole time. Part of the slow was due to ice/snow, and part due to the fact that I was having technical difficulties with the camelbak, so I stayed slow to keep from potential hydration issues from surfacing. I finished knowing that I could go further, and knowing that I am going to be just fine for my next marathon in March.

– I’ve been struggling with some music that I’ve felt pressured to play faster. The result was a lot of out of tune playing, and missed shifts. So I went painfully slow, and got everything right. Now there is a foundation to build from, which is what my teacher wants more than going faster. A big feeling of relief followed.


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