Re-training the brain

There something about the way my current violin teacher phrases things that just makes sense. He was explaining something this morning, and I was standing there listening, thinking I do that with running why don’t I think that way when I play the violin. In running we do long, slow runs to work on endurance, check form, and build a foundation to work from. Everyday a run is different depending on how you feel. The violin works the same way. The nail was hit on the head when he said it sounded like I was playing things just to get through them. Yes, yes I am. Mostly because I’m tired of struggling. But here’s the problem. If I don’t slow down, and take a look at my technique, and build some consistency into my playing I am not going to get any better. I need to approach playing the violin the same way I approach running. Technique is the foundation that speed & accuracy grow out of. So, I have some mind numbing exercises to work on. I’m excited though, becuase I think they will really help the issue I’ve been struggling with for years. I have a lot of years of misguided teachering to correct. Slowly, one note at a time

Good news I can fix all. More good news, I got out of the house! Violin & I went to our lesson then grocery shopping:


One thought on “Re-training the brain

  1. I JUST got home from my last lesson where the whole hour was spent giving the student a lecture on that very same thing. Haha–except he’s a 13 year old whom I doubt will remember anything I say a week from now. And I know this because I’ve been teaching him for nearly 3 years, and he still has yet to rid himself of any bad habits he inherited from past teachers. I refuse to give up though! Amazing how these things are so much clearer to us when we’re adults, though, isn’t it?

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