Atlanta Snow 2011

One of the things I miss about grad school in Milwaukee is the snow. It made the cold a little bit easier to handle. The best part was running in the snow! Atlanta is different. I remember every time it snowed when I was little we got stuck in the house. The roads closed, businesses closed, the whole city shut down whether it was 1/2 an inch or 4 inches. Some things never change. Here we are in 2011, and the whole city has once again shut down, and the roads are a mess. We’re having fun though!

Time to play fetch, right? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Atlanta Snow 2011

  1. Love the black and white pictures and the background for this blog entry. I miss the beauty of snow, but not being a grown up in it, having to go to work, shovel the snow, struggle to keep the house warm etc.

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  3. i’m still trying to decide if I’m brave enough to venture out into this Atlanta snow for a run. I lived in Germany for 3 yrs but don’t remember running in it- but i’m sure i did as i was a kid. When you get older you get so many more hangups! Enjoy the extended snow vacation if you’re having one! (Law school closed 3rd day in a row!)

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