They really like me!

I have found my mantra for 2011 and it fittingly involves cupcakes! Can it get any better? My mom found this when we were in Chicago for the marathon the day after our great cupcake hunt. I was conveniently not with her, so that she could sneak it back to Atlanta, and give it as part of my Christmas present. Awesome? I think so!

I have truly been blown away by the gifts my violin students gave me. Usually I get an assortment of sweets, and body products that I can’t use (oh how my overly sensitive skin drives me nuts!!). This year I got home-made breads, a gift bag of fresh fruit, a few bath products I can actually use, gift cards, and cash. I think my jaw dropped to the floor on several occasions on discovering how much the gift cards were. I channeled my best Sally Field voice and proclaimed “THEY LIKE ME! THEY REALLY, REALLY LIKE ME!!” Seriously, I was very flattered. So I got these:

For short run/walks to work on form. I love them already!

I also did some serious damage in Anthropologie thanks in part to a gift card for a student. It just makes me happy 🙂

Other favorites:

a hand-made hat from my dailymile secret santa

Martha Stewart’s Cookie cookbook. Uh oh, my family is figuring me out. That or they want me to make more cookies for them…

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