It’s the little things

I got very excited yesterday afternoon at work when this arrived in my studio:

The AC/heater unit in my studio died last Monday. It had been walking a slow painful death march for months. There were days during the summer that I had no AC, and days where I had to fiddle with the settings and try to get the heat to work. Repair request were sent in, someone would come look at it, tell me I was doing something wrong, and leave. No one really listened that the thing was trying to tell them it was dying. And then last Monday it quit. No heat, no AC, only the fan. After 45 minutes of actually opening the thing up and checking things out they came to the conclusion, it’s dead! Not so shocked. At least it was in the 50s for the highs last week. Yesterday it was apparently so cold when my boss walked into my room to see what was going on that icicles could have grown. He turned the little space heater I had brought in up. And then at 2:30 a glorious thing happened. Santa showed up with a new unit!! It works like a dream! And seeing as the windchill in Atlanta has been 13-16 degrees the last 2 days it is most welcome!


The giddiness has returned this morning. I have this stuck in my head: “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. And only a hippopotamus will do,” which then morphs into a song from “White Christmas.” I don’t get it, but it’s amusing…. 🙂 Giddiness I tell you



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