In Need of Balance

I am out of balance. It has been a long week. 3 concerts in 2 days, a whole week of teaching lessons, practicing, rehearsals, and a $50 parking ticket while at my own lesson (thanks officer). Not the easiest of weeks. Saturday our Academy’s violin students had a performance at Phipps Plaza. My violin couldn’t stay in tune, followed by one of the ASO members walking up & playing with us because he happened to be at the mall with his violin. I got to stand next to him. Did I mention my violin was out of tune. I was so embarrassed. I kept trying to play the notes in tune, but the violin was just out. Followed by getting back home to find everything loose. Great! Oh, and then I start practicing only to have a shooting pain go up my index finger on my left hand. Awesome. Just the right time for one of my nerve endings to get all inflamed and go haywire. I stopped in tears, and went to help put ornaments on the tree with an ice pack on my finger (for the record icing a finger while decorating a tree is very frustrating and may produce more tears. Just a FYI). By the time the second concert rolled around my finger was at least not hurting while doing nothing. I don’t know how I got through the performance without it hurting. God was definitely watching over me on that one.

My mom has decided I need to take a break because I’m too tired all of the time. My violin teacher thinks I’m moving along rather slowly and would also like it if I would take longer lessons. My violin studio is the biggest it’s ever been, and one of the teachers wants me to take over her group class at another school while she’s on maternity leave next year. The days I have off get filled with doing stuff for my parents, and taking care of the dogs. I picked up a last-minute gig that’s two weeks away playing the many moods of Christmas. I feel like there is more and more hair at the bottom of the shower when I wash my hair. I’m out of balanced. I run around in circles. I drink coffee to stay awake, with the irony being that I now have trouble falling asleep. Do I need a break? Yes! Will I actually get one? Highly doubtful. Because if I take time away from the violin my Mom will fill it with things she wants help with or wants to do. I will not actually get to stop and just take care of myself, which I desperately need to do. I need balance!

I’m not sure it helped me find balance, but it was at least a nice post concert treat!

And then I started playing with my new camera app. There are more lens you can purchase (danger batman, danger!)

What do you do to find balance?


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