Santa Goat & new adventures

It’s been a long and crazy week, and it isn’t over. It’s the Christmas season, and while most people are enjoying the holidays, and listening to festive music I am pulling my hair out. Why? It’s the busy season. See someone has to play that festive holiday music you all so love to listen to. For the record I enjoy holiday music. It takes me a while before I can actually turn it on and listen to any. Most years it doesn’t happen until Christmas Eve. Right now I’m too stressed out. Mostly it’s because of a performance our violin students’ are doing tomorrow morning. It’s organized by one of the other teachers, and I’m using the term organize loosely. everyone has questions, and I have no answers. I have not been sent most of the e-mails for the event, but have done the majority of the work. Deep breathe, it’s all over tomorrow.


Fortunately, my favorite Team in Training staff coordinator called Tuesday morning. Since finishing Chicago I’ve been asked about my next Team in Training event. The staff even called to see if I would jump right back into mentoring for the spring season. It just didn’t feel right. I still want to be involved with Team in Training, but I also wanted to focus on my own running for a bit. And then Mary and I talked on Tuesday, and a opprotunity presented itself, a spot as a GTS coordinator. A what? One Saturday a month I’ll be helping to organize water stops for the group training sessions. It lets me continue to be apart of a group that I love so much, continue to cheer and support runners (which I love), but still have training time for myself. I’m not going to lie, there is a very nice perk with it (1 travel event, and 1 local event with TNT). It is the perfect fit, and I’m pretty excited about it. Fortunately I don’t start until January, which is good because I’ve picked up another holiday gig. So, back to pulling out my hair…. 🙂


After a brief break for Thanksgiving Mr. Goat is back!! Maybe he had to go check on how things were going at the north pole…


I had no idea Christmas had moods… Looks like I’m going to find out, and there might be several…



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