Cooking fun!!

Tuesday morning kicked off the holiday cooking marathon with cranberry sauce and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. For some reason I found it extra amusing this time around:

who wouldn’t want home-made cranberry sauce with these beauties?


my special recipe notebook. Mom got it for me a couple of year ago and I keep all of the family recipes in it, plus a few others that I’ve found and collected over the years


some of us needed a little extra beauty sleep before we could get started 😉


Are you cooking now? Oh, I can help! No, really I’m very helpful… Will using my sad puppy eyes help get me something?


main ingredient!


cookies? No I don’t want one. No really. What’s over there…


well, if I can’t help then I’ll guard the refrigerator so no one can get in…


so much cookie dough…




who doesn’t need 5 dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

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